Automark Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

About Automark

Automark is the certified pre-owned vehicle segment of Toyota South Africa Motors, with the objective to ensure our customers get the necessary choice, convenience and transparency when they buy or trade-in pre-owned vehicles.

Each vehicle undergoes stringent quality checks, where every aspect of the vehicle is inspected by the Automark dealer, to ensure only the best vehicles are selected and sold from the Automark floor.

Automark Certified Products

Product Range:
Toyota Models

Model Age:
1-4 years

100 000kms

Complimentary 1year/50000kms warranty
Stringent Quality Checks
Certified by Dealer
Backed by Toyota
Product Range:
All Models

Model Age:
5 years

No restriction

Stringent Quality Checks
Certified by Dealer

Our Certified Checklist

At Automark we offer peace of mind to the customer by ensuring all vehicles undergo a detailed inspection before they are sold. Here are some of the checkpoints the vehicle undergoes.

  • Audio and Alarm systems
  • Braking systems
  • Engine compartment
  • Exterior appearance and condition
  • Interior appearance and condition
  • Transmission
  • Battery system
  • Tyre condition (including spare tyre)
  • Accessories fitment condition
  • Lighting system
  • Mileage and Service History

Automark Promise

All Toyota dealers honour the Automark promise and we have a wide range of used cars that fall under the promise.

Stringent quality checks

Certified by the dealers

Toyota models backed by Toyota

Complimentary warranty on selected Toyota models

Guaranteed year model and mileage

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