This article will go through the basic specifications of the new Toyota Agya with careful figures and user-friendly tables for your ease. Make no mistake, the article may look friendly but the Toyota Agya is all but a friendly-looking car, its sexy, yet aggressive-looking exterior will have your neighbours enthralled.

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Summary of the Toyota Agya Specs

Gearbox Manual / Automatic
Accel 0-100 14.6 seconds
Power kW 49
Torque Nm 89
Engine CC 998
Cylinders 3
Length mm 3660
Width mm 1600
Height mm 1520

What Engine Does the Toyota Agya Have?

If we’re talking about the engine displacement, the new Toyota Agya manual petrol has a 998 cc engine, with 87 petrol hp for power and a fast driving experience if wanted, as well as a seating capacity for five seats.

The Fuel Efficiency of the new Toyota Agya.

The Toyota Agya manual version practically sips a mere average of 4.8 l/100km of petrol, emitting a further 112g of CO2/km, all while sprinting from 0-100km in as little as 14.6 seconds with a further top speed of 165km/h.

How Big is the New Toyota Agya?

Bumper-to-bumper, the new Toyota Agya comes in at 3 600mm long, 1 600mm across, and 1 520mm tall with a complete wheelbase of 2 455mm. These dimensions measure the perfect size for city driving and parking.

Toyota Agya Transmission

The either/or scenario regarding the new Toyota Agya transmission is perfect for those who prefer differences in transmission. Toyota Agya drivers have the option of either choosing to have a smooth-shifting 5-speed manual transmission for all-the-way driving control or a self-shifting 4-speed automatic transmission for all of your desired comfort.

Toyota Agya Performance

The new Toyota Agya’s 998 CC engine has more than enough power when revved at 6000 r/min, which is when it reaches its peak. The small enough 3-cylinder gives a comfortably perfect 49kW and 89Nm, performing quite well and reaching speeds of up to 165km/h at a rate of 14.9 seconds for the manual model to reach 100km/h from 0km/h and the automatic reaching 100km/h from 0 in as little as 16.3 seconds.

Toyota Agya FAQs

What Engine does the Toyota Agya have?

The Toyota Agya engine is a Daihatsu Ayla (B 100).

Is the Agya a good car?

Toyota's phenomenal engine performance, along with its overall driving experience, is ahead of its competitors.

Is Toyota Agya fuel efficient?

The manual Agya model uses about an average of 4.8 litres per 100 km, which is quite efficient.

How many litres is the Toyota Agya?

The Toyota Agya is fitted with a 33-litre fuel tank that should provide at least 680km of range.

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