An Agya isn’t an Agyo. The Agya is superior to the European Agyo. In comparison, the only similarity would be in the first three letters of the name.

The new Toyota Agya is a car to reckon with as it drives into the top charts of entry-level cars, outselling and outperforming most of its rivals as a Daihatsu Ayla-manufactured urban car from Indonesia. In this review article, we look at everything from top to bottom with a fine-tooth comb concerning the Agya.

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How’s the Agya’s Performance?

The new Agya’s 998 CC engine surpasses expectations when revved to 6000 r/min.

This 3-cylinder sprints comfortably at 49kW and 89Nm, taking Toyota’s urban car to the next level in performance, reaching up to 165km/h in 14.9 seconds.

Instead of squeezing its way into parking bays, the new Toyota Agya surprises many by zooming through the city with its petite build and quality engine, arriving at places more conveniently than its rivals.

Toyota Agya Entertainment

With onboard Wifi, the Toyota Agya has stacked up with audio features specifically for the new Toyota Agya so that you and your family can celebrate those halfway milestones when on a road trip with your favourite tunes.

These features include an Aux input, Radio/CD Player, and a USB port. All custom features work with the MyToyota App, which you can download on your phone. Bluetooth is also included. With no buttons on the steering wheel, Toyota has compensated with a push-start button, a climate control setting, and electric windows.


Toyota Agya Load & Passenger Space

With more than enough space, the Toyota Agya loads average-sized bags into the boot without any issues. So, when it’s time to go on a road trip or transport your flight luggage to the airport in your new Agya, you’ll be happy not to have to complain or call up a friend.

There’s also more than enough legroom in the Agya as it was built with specific dimensions in mind.

Is the new Toyota Agya a big enough car? We think so, but you can decide by looking at these dimensions.

The complete length of the vehicle comes to 3 660mm, long enough for your legs and short enough to fit into those crazy parallel parking spots.

The height of the new Agya is precisely 1 520mm, leaving enough room available for those 2m giants to fit in the vehicle as well.

The Agya’s Interior

The Toyota Agya’s interior begins with fabric seats echoing on the doors. Although not leather, these seats are incredibly durable and will not get as damaged as leather seats. So, you can bring the dog along with your family on a road trip.

Another interior feat for the new Toyota Agya is its sleek dashboard and stylish screen that is impeccably user-friendly and modern. The aircon control system is as easy as a touch concerning the level of air conditioning and the amount of air that comes through the vents.

To remove unnecessary distractions, Toyota has made sure that there are no buttons on the steering wheel and have moved all control to the screen. Another feature that the new Toyota Agya has included is the electric windows, giving you more time to do what you’ve set out to do instead of wasting time manually rolling up windows while driving.

The Agya’s Exterior

The new Toyota Agya has come out as an unexpectedly fierce-looking car to compensate for its size.

The futuristic style does everything except for undermining this compact car. Boasting wheels of impressive 14-inch alloy, this Agya does all it can to showcase its attitude concerning its look.

A three-dimensional design covers the front bumper for added spice, almost making the driver believe they can fly. The Toyota’s wide stance doesn’t make it challenging to realise the sportiness of this car.


Safety of the Toyota Agya

The segment is paired with two safety airbags in the front of the vehicle and ABS with EBD. The results from ASEAN NCAP, which tests all cars in South-East Asia, are better than expected, scoring the Toyota Agya with four stars, ultimately making it a super safe vehicle to drive in urban areas.

With at least two ISOfix points in the back for fastening your children, the Agya makes a great car to go on a long-ended road trip with your kids.

FAQs About the Toyota Agya

Is the Agya a good car?

Toyota's phenomenal engine performance and overall driving experience are ahead of its competitors.

Is the Toyota Agya small?

This compact car has a 1.0-liter engine which is relatively small but economical.

Where is the Toyota Agya made?

The Toyota Agya is manufactured in Indonesia.

How fast is the Toyota Agya?

The standard Toyota Agya can reach speeds of 165km/h.

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