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Overview Of The New Toyota Starlet:

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The new Toyota Starlet dares you to be unimpressed. It is a marriage of Toyota’s practicality, dressed up in spunky personality. The new range ticks almost every possible box by combining a new fuel-efficient engine with top-of-range tech. There is in-car Wifi for passengers and plenty of leg and headroom for your taller occupants. Toyota is mindful enough to ensure that this new range is as economical as possible, especially with the worrying rise in fuel costs.

Consumption is a mere 5.4 liters per 100km’s for the new range, right up there with any competitors in this range. The new range also pays ode to an era of social media with its tech developments. The vehicle itself is also absolutely Instragrammable, with its sleek and sharp design. It exudes confidence and presence on the road. There is also a nifty touch with the integration of auto-retractable mirrors that fold inward when you are parked. To peruse this new range’s entire specifications, download our brochure here.

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One of the standout features of the new Toyota Starlet is its competitive pricing and finance structure. Waxing lyrical about impressive features can be lost when a vehicle is over-priced or downright unaffordable. Let’s analyze the pricing of this beautiful new range in closer detail:

Toyota Starlet Pricing Options:

The new Toyota Starlet is available in five different variants. Have a look at the latest prices below:

Toyota Starlet Model: Pricelist:
Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xi R226 200
Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs R239 100
Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs A/T R261 100
Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR R294 900
Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR A/T R313 300

Toyota Starlet Financing Options:

By working with a basic finance structure, the below model will give consumers a great idea of how much they can expect to pay per month for new Toyota Starlet.

New Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xi

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The entry model in the Starlet family, the Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xi, still packs an impressive 138Nm worth of torque and should set consumers back around R4 747 per month.

Cash Price: Deposit: Term: Interest Rate: Installment:
R226 200 10% 48 months 10.50% R4 747

New Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs

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By adopting the same financial structure, the Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs, will cost the consumer R5 017 per month.

Cash Price: Deposit: Term: Interest Rate: Installment:
R239 100 10% 48 months 10.50% R5 017

New Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs A/T

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A tad pricier than the previous model, the Toyota Starlet 1.5 Xs A/T, will cost approximately R5 479 per month.

Cash Price: Deposit: Term: Interest Rate: Installment:
R261 100 10% 48 months 10.50% R5 479

New Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR

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Nearing the top of the range is the Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR, which will set you back approximately R6 188 per month.

Cash Price: Deposit: Term: Interest Rate: Installment:
R294 900 10% 48 months 10.50% R6 188

New Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR A/T

Front view of Toyota__Starlet

Our top the range Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR A/T begins at a starting price of R313 300 and should cost the consumer approximately R6 574 per month.

Cash Price: Deposit: Term: Interest Rate: Installment:
R313 300 10% 48 months 10.50% R6 574

Installment amounts provided here are calculated with a basic finance structure. If any of these variables change, so will the installment amount. For more information on finance options that would be most suited to your affordability, please make contact with us here. If you would like to locate an approved CFAO Toyota dealership near you, please click here. While you’re there, why don’t you book a test drive of the new Toyota Starlet at your nearest CFAO Toyota Dealership?

Toyota Starlet FAQs

How much can I expect to pay for the new Toyota Starlet?

Many financial variables will decide an installment amount. However, data displays that you can expect to pay between R5 153 - R5 940 for the Starlet per month.

Is the Toyota Starlet a relatively new model?

The Starlet was launched in September 2020 by Toyota. The range also marks the first collaboration between the brand and Suzuki.

Is the new Toyota Starlet available in manual or automatic?

The new range offers both. There are options for a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic.

Which country manufactures the Toyota Starlet?

India. The Starlet is specifically manufactured at the Maruti Suzuki plant in Gujarat.

Is the new Toyota Starlet a small or big car?

It is easier to regard the Starlet as a compact small car. Even though it might not strike the consumer with large dimensions, one of the highlights of the new range is the space. Consumers have raved not only about the space that is offered to the driver in the car but also the passengers.

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Priced To Perfection:

There are plenty of variables to consider when you find yourself on the market for a new vehicle. While it may seem obvious to crow about a new range’s amazing innovation and tech, it means nothing if it is not affordable. It is now more important than ever that manufacturers pay acute attention to the affordability aspect of their market, even if that subject is potentially sensitive. Toyota has managed many wins with the launch of the new Toyota Starlet, and pricing the range affordably is one of those. From the entry-range model right to the Toyota Starlet 1.5 XR A/T, it remains economical, not to mention attractive.

For more information on the interior and exterior options for the new Toyota Starlet, download our brochure here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us:

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