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Toyota Finance

Although you can finance any one of our Toyota vehicles through a preferred financial establishment, we have tailor made Toyota Finance products that offer a variety of benefits and features for our discerning customers.

Digital System

If you choose to finance your vehicle through Toyota finance, then you will be given access to our online portal and iContract system, which allows you to log-in and digitally sign contracts, download your policy information and view all the information you need regarding your Toyota in one central place. You can update your personal details as well as get statements and settlement quotations all online. You can even refinance your balloon payment through the system if it is coming up to its due date


Enjoy the comfort and luxury of Toyota but don’t want to actually purchase the vehicle outright? Our vehicle leasing options allow you to drive a Toyota with the freedom to give it back. This program is ideal for business purposes, or who receive a car allowance. Leases can be anything from 6 – 60 months and you can always re-finance at the end of the lease or even purchase the vehicle.

Business Finance

If you are looking for finance for business vehicles then Toyota has some fantastic products for you. We have leasing options as well as full maintenance rentals, which is perfect for fleet customers with our passenger and light commercial vehicles. The beauty of a full maintenance rental plan is that you essentially only pay for vehicle usage and any wear and tear parts like wheels. It makes budget and cost forecasting easier and you can off-set the costs as business costs.

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